Alcampo (La Zenia)

Supermarket Alcampo, La Zenia


Alcampo is Spain’s second largest chain store. In this hypermarket you can find absolutely everything for a comfortable life! Fresh products at reasonable prices, super-promotions are often arranged at which you can purchase goods at 1 €! 

  1. Cheeses are packed and sliced. Brie, dorblue, camembert, 200 gr. packs, starting from 1.03 €; the cheapest piece on the shelf was grated Hochland for 0.45 € per 50 gr.  
  2. Seafood is a favorite part of the store. Where can I get mussels for 1.70 € or a crab at an affordable price? 
  3. Spanish sausages and meat delicacies. Let's highlight it:
  • Jamon
  • Fuet is the most delicate raw sausage with a delicate mushroom smell in white sprinkle. Suitable both for breakfast, snack and evening meal; 
  • Chorizo. Meat product, traditional for Spain. Includes sweet paprika, which gives a red colour and spicy taste. Perfectly combined in a variety of sandwiches, as well as pure.  
  • Vagyu beef (high marble intensity) 
  • Steaks. Medallion of beef of the first category - 1.60 € / snack. 

What to buy at Alcampo


Alcampo is a perfect place to buy delicious food and it's a wide choise of wines and local beers. 

  1. Wine. Spain ranks first in terms of grape cultivation (over 1 million hectares). It would be foolish to deny the quality of the production. We just put the red Rioja, Cava and Jerez in the cart to taste. 
  2. The Spanish are famous for their beautiful refreshing camp, the most popular brands are Estrella, Mahou, San Migel, Alhambra, Cruz Campo, Ambar. Traditional packaging - 0.33 will help to keep the drink chilled. Despite the lack of Kraft delights, locals are big fans of "foam" (more than 45 litres per capita per year).
  •  The cost of a standard set of 6 cans/0.33 ~ 3 € / pcs. ~ 0,42€

Alcampo offers and discounts


In addition to low prices for food and home accessories, the Alcampo shop rewards customers with discounts on fuel from its partner petrol stations. When you make a purchase, you will receive a discount coupon for gasoline with one check over €30. 

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Address: Calle Jade, s/n,03189 Dehesa de Campoamor 

Opening hours: 09.00- 21:00


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