New Year and X-mas in Alicante

 How to celebrate New Year in Spain

1 January 2019. New Year and X-mas in Alicante - palm trees, sun, salute, which no one has seen. We'll tell you everything and show you! Prepare a visit with our recommendations. 

Winter on the Costa Blanca is warm, unfamiliar to residents of northern regions. Ideal to replace snow, frost, for comfortable conditions. During the day the temperature rises to 28 degrees, but after sunset, there is a cold. It's worth wearing a jacket and grabbing a scarf.

Weather in Alicante 
Gifts from nature

The thermometer pole on Boulevard Esplanade showed 32°. The central beach of Postiguet was crowded with holidaymakers. The New Year's Eve tan shines in a special way. Swimming is possible! The water is nice, it does not repel.

Sangria images
2 Sanrgria for the price of 1

Take advantage of the position. In the run-up to tonight, most restaurants are empty. "Sitting" the client at the table will help "special" action. Ask the cafe for Sangria, a tourist product. We Will offer: two! In the photo: "Restaurante Quo Vadis".

Churros images

Do not miss the chance to enjoy a traditional Spanish dessert - churros! Sweet pastry, deep- fried or baked in the oven. Don't forget to grab a glass of chocolate, in addition! The holiday doesn't count calories!

For several years now, Anglicans have been celebrating New Year's Eve in the Australian time zone, as they are the ones who open up the celebration of a good, family celebration.

Especially on december 31st in Alicante: 


11:00 - events start with a children's party near Town Hall. Rink, music, balloons, confetti. All for fun for the younger ones! 

13:00 - Plaza de Luceros. The citizens come to watch Mascletas - daytime fireworks. You are not mistaken, the New Year's salute in Alicante is launched at lunchtime, emphasizing the sound that penetrates very deeply, you can feel the feedback. From the market (Plaza 25 de Mayo) to pubs, there are free events and concerts.

23:00-  Around midnight at City Hall (Plaza del Ayuntamiento) national bands perform. Under the fight of chimes, it is accepted to eat 12 grapes, drinking Spanish wine Cava, making wishes. 


Entrance to Alicante New Year's nightclubs from 10 €. The price includes "welcome drink": 0.33 bottle of beer, cocktail, shot - a choice. With restaurants, it's more complicated. They work by preliminary booking. Reserve dinner with show program from 50 €/person.

* Recommended disco bars: "Gatsby", "Teatre Day & Night" "Havana Barrio", "El Mitico". Club Concerto.


  • Get a lottery ticket. 
  • To be on the procession of the Three Kings. 
  • Try Turron & Roscon desserts  
  • It is necessary to see whitewashed - a scene from the Bible: the birth of Jesus Christ. 

*  lottery of the year, a large pool includes houses, cars and a round sum of money.

The signs:

  • It's customary to meet NG in red underwear or socks. The Spaniards believe, observe tradition - everything will come true! 
  • Don't forget to walk the streets with an empty road bag - there will be more journeys around the world!

* It's better to stock up on knitwear and grapes in advance * It's a hit on holiday eve.