Where is Montserrat located in Spain

Montserrat City or Montserrat Monastery? How to get right choise? 

The first is a municipality in the Valencian Community, the second belongs to Catalonia, 60 km from Barcelona. Come this way!

The most comfortable way to get from Barcelona to Montserrat Monastery by own car. Or to rent it: 

Tickets for the "trolley" that will take you to the walls of the convent can be bought here. But, much better buy combo tickets: "ascent and descent" - here.

The second way to get to Montserrat from Barcelona by train with FGC transport - www.fgc.cat. Enter the departure and arrival station window: Magoria-La Campana - Monistrol de Montserrat (cable car).

Lifehacks: train ticket and rack railway will be cheaper - learn more 

Montserrat station

Cremallera de Montserrat

Railway station. Coordinates for motorists: 41°36'56.3 "N 1°50'37.4 "E Monistrol Vila Car Parking is a free multi-level parking lot in the immediate vicinity.

Montserrat mountain Spain

Loggerhead Valley

Upside up, that's given or take half an hour. The scenery is a masterpiece! The footage is from the Go Pro.

Where to stay in Montserrat Abbey

Montserrat Abbey offers several accomodation options for visitors, including a hotel and a hostel. The Hotel Abat Cisneros is 4-star hotel located within the monastery walls, offering comfortable rooms with views of the mountain and the valley. 

The Hostel Guilleumes is a more affordable option, located outside the monastery walls. It offers simple rooms, restaurant and a bar. 

Things to know before visiting Montserrat

Local merchants are welcome to the Holy Land of Montserrat. People are friendly, the road will prompt you and invite you to a tasting. Everything is tasty and healthy. Take your time filling your bags and backpacks with treats.
We suggest going straight to the temple - this little trick will help to avoid a crowd in the passageway.

Market schedule: 09:30 / 10:00 - 17:00.

Among the positions to be highlighted: liqueurs Gran Aromes, Herb, Crema Catalana de Montserrat, prepared by local monks. Further, the drinks are bought by farmers for sale at the point of sale - their trays, along with cheese, honey, meat delicacies. Once again, you can try everything at no cost. It's a great chance for a snack.

Online store: botiga.montserratvisita.com/en/

Black Madonna Grants Wishes 

The legend about black statue of Madonna started in 880 y., but I don't want to retell Spanish-language resources with a story about three boys who captured unexplained celestial phenomena in the 9th century ... It's not accurate, as they say. The fact is, it's not. 

Fact 1. A Benedictine monastery was erected on the site where the main relic, the statue of the Black Madonna, was discovered. But the very discovery of the statue of the Mother of God raises questions and interest. You'll agree, it's very strange to come across such an artifact in one of the underground grottos. What preceded it? Why here?

Fact 2. On the other hand, one shouldn't rule out the possibility of ritual rites right in the caves. Aficionados of conspiracy theories draw parallels with the 713 seizure of the Catalan lands by the Moors. Natives of Africa preferred to settle in the rocks, and one of the symbols of worship was Malikat Saba, Sheba, Balkis, Queen of the Sava.

Fact 3. Naturalists and practitioners are convinced that black color is a peculiarity of the product aging combined with exposure to smoke from candles and fires. *The work is made of varnished oak..


Regardless of religion, pilgrims from all over the world come for a miracle! Looking ahead, let's say that in addition to the museum and library, the abbey has a small thank-you room. The people whose cry of the soul was heard did not fail to express their gratitude to the Virgin Mary of Monserrat.

Instruction to action: desire cannot be material, you must promise something in return. For example: forever give up a bad habit or do a good deed.

Guest reviews Montserrat

Guest reviews 

Disease knows no age. Letters and photos from parents whose children have recovered...

Thank you room Montserrat

Thank you room

Wedding dresses and jewelry are a gift for a successful marriage.

Gratitude to the Virgin Mary

Layouts of internal organs symbolize the healing of the disease - a comment from the hall staff.

Hiking in Montserrat

To strengthen the impression of the stay will help hiking routes in Montserrat. To enjoy the views of the monastery in the bizarre rocks, valleys Llobregat from a bird's-eye view is unforgettable! One of the top things to do in this magical region is to experience a hot air balloon flight.

Don't ignore it! Take advantage of a pleasant bonus from Mother Nature.

The trail to the Cross of St. Michael (Creu de Sant Miquel) runs from Plaza Abat Oliba to the Church of St. Miguel of the same name. In the Middle Ages, the path was important and connected the Kolbato foothill estate with the Abbey of Monserrat. 

The walk is suitable for tourists with any level of physical preparedness. It's about 800 meters of fully organized route with equipped stops. Take care of water reserves, snacks, SPF protection, and comfortable shoes. Sneakers with a tread will keep you from slipping on the way down. Covering - slabs.  

Pro-routes: muntanyamontserrat.gencat.cat/ca/

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