Tarragona is home to castles of men in Spain

September 15, 2019, in Tarragona were held Castells competitions also know as Human towers. The route of our Spanish adventure was as follows: La Zenia (Torrevieja)– Alicante – Valencia – Salou – Montserrat - Andorra. 

The way was done on a rental car, rented for a penny. The most profitable! After spending the night in Cambrils, in the morning we went to Tarragona by taxi. Why? If you subscribe to the info-mailing service in advance, you have a chance to get a 50% discount. The link is left. Also, between cities, every half hour, Plana buses run. We strongly recommend that you read the travel documents - T10. One contactless smartcard can exist by a group of persons - a company. Transport cards are sold at stops and kiosks nearby. It is very simple: the driver's ticket – 3 euros, season ticket-12 (includes ten trips). 

At the entrance to the destination, the first thing that catches your eye is how, in the Spanish way, the land is competently developed! There's nowhere to fall. The territory is sown with fertile fields, factories-it looks great! As good old Wikipedia suggests, GDP of autonomy is comparable to Finland, Denmark, and the level of raw material exports is higher than that of Portugal. 

Tarragona bus station is a real monument to street art, replete with graffiti in the spirit of creativity of Salvador Dali. 

Holiday. Roads are blocked. We go main Avenue of municipality Rambla Nova, go to sounds of gunshots, straight up. The landmark is Balcon Mediterraneo (observation), or the Amfiteatre de Tarragona. The city is clear to navigate, it will be difficult to get lost. Interest in upcoming action will warm up the majestic monument to the castellans, it is located along the way.

Castellers monument Tarragona
Santa Tecla Tarragona Spain

The center of attraction for guests of celebration is the street Carrer Costa del Bou, here you can see puppets, their cute mini copies, young robbers, who encourage passers-by onlookers with firecrackers and firecrackers. Colorful! 

Castellers-builders are on the sidelines, "stretch" muscles, how to say it, with beer... Yes, you were not mistaken, everything is exactly like that ... Despite the responsible work ahead, tons of foam beer flows like a river. There is a friendly atmosphere of meeting bosom friends, as if not crossed a noble number of years. Imagine the picture. A group of friends, talking at the bar, with a completely unperturbed look. Competition? Today? Really? 

Towers of men in Spain is a team competition where there is a winner whose figure-castle is made more difficult and more technical; the construction of the losers-fell apart in the process.

Uniforms of Сastellers are of different colors, emphasizing the belonging to a particular clan. What impressed you? Belt! A wide, multi-meter piece of fabric, on the eye in it 5-7 m. Companions on craft, diligently wrap each other, to a state when there is nothing to breathe. The belt performs two functions – support of the back and facilitates climbing partner.

When to see Castells (human towers) in Catalonia  

As for the calendar of events: Castles of people in Tarragona are traditionally erected during the summer festivals from 24 June to 26 October. For example, on The City Day. The event is usually celebrated on a Grand Scale, for 10 days – fairs, fireworks, dances, various tastings. 

The official portal of tourist's department contains up-to-date information: www.tarragona.cat/la-ciutat Also, you can visit the sites of Castellers gangs: xiquetsdetarragona.cat -"The Children of Tarragona." ccspisp.cat - “the St. Pierre and Pau" brigade.