Restaurant De Bassus La Zenia


The restaurant De Bassus is located near La Zenia Boulevard shopping mall, Orihuela Costa. It’s 10 km from Torrevieja. Cult and popular place that does not need special advertising. 

The masters of local brewing have achieved some success in working with classical varieties, brewed according to the traditional recipes of the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV, who created already in the 16th century! Despite the strong line of Bavarian Weizmann Dunkel hell, gentlemen experiment a lot and have a bottle IPA and the rest interesting Kraft, and what's more, in periodic promotions there is even beer with white wine! Do not be surprised, but this is not all! 

Like the multinational tourist mix, De Bassus has a Czech Pilsner and several traditional Belgian "foams". In short, the sophisticated taste of beer lovers will remain satisfied! 

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