How to buy real estate in La Zenia


Buying an apartment in La Zenia is a dream to come true. We share our personal experience in buying property in Spain. 

Why Spain? We liked the country a long time ago, having come here one day it is impossible to forget it. It falls in the heart from the first step out of the plane and envelops with hospitality during the holiday. Time passes and thoughts arise to come back. That's when you think about buying overseas property... 

The choice fell on the Costa Blanca, Valencia region, Torrevieja. The area combines: sandy beaches, developed infrastructure, but most importantly - the climate 320 sunny days a year! Summer can seem hot, autumn - velvet season, winter - closer to lunch, the thermometer column rises to + 29, in spring all blooms. 

Ideal location: 60 km. from the airport of Alicante, near the magnificent Murcia, the controversial Cartagena, tourist Benidorm.  

Why La Zenia?

After looking the offers of agencies for sale, we stopped at the option of a new fullfinished building. La Zenia - a rapidly developing neighborhood, with hypermarkets, restaurants, and comfortable living conditions! 

Looking ahead, we turned to the real estate office (without advertising). We did not miss it! We had to take a certificate of income from the place of work and translate it into Spanish. 

Distinctive moments that I want to share: 

  • there is no agency commission, because the percentage of the sale is included in the final cost of the developer. 
  • the deal was led by a personal manager, who by proxy, visited all the necessary instances on our behalf. 
  • for the period when we came to Torrevieja to settle paper issues, the company provided apartments for housing absolutely free
  • The Spanish are in no hurry! The process took - 3 days, but the documents had to wait two weeks. The terms of the standard interbank transaction increased from 3-5 days to 14-17. It was nervous! 
  • We received furniture and interior items (bathroom, kitchen set, beds and sofa) as a gift from the developer. 
  • Important moment! Think carefully about who you are going to register your property rights for, as further registration will cause a lot of trouble, additional costs, and it will be possible to do only in the region where the housing is located. 

Things to know before buying a property in Spain

  • The first thing, to buy a property in Spain, you must have a local bank account. The security deposit is used to write off utility and security fees (we advise you to do so). 
  • Housing and communal services are calculated once a year. The building manager at a general meeting with residents decides on the amount to be paid every six months (2 payments in total). 
  • Electricity and water meters are also popular among Spaniards. All data is automatically transmitted to the HOA 
  • It is difficult to make repairs in another country. Yes, in La Zenia, as well as in other cities, there is Leroy Merlin - a shop for construction goods. But there are problems with delivery and customer service (minimum number of employees communicate in English).  

Conclusion: another advantage working with the firm - you think practically nothing, everything for you is done by manager. The weekness is the only one, it's TIME

Decide, choose and enjoy life by the sea! And we just remind you that the prices for apartments in Spain (for 2020) will start from 30.000 euro, which is an order of magnitude cheaper than in major metropolitans.