Restaurant Che Argentino


Che Argentino restaurant in La Zenia - opens the category of the best buffets. You will lick your fingers with pleasure!

Entrance price per person - 12 euros. Be careful - the price is required for every visitor! The check also includes drinks! Cola and other fizzy drinks are paid once, then the replenishment is free!

The uniqueness of the restaurant is the meat variety. Unlimited carousel of treats cooked over an open fire. Average difference between waiters comings is 5 minutes. Charred grilled kebab: pork, beef, lamb, chicken, sausages in different variations, even black pudding will fall into your plate sooner or later.

Important to know before visit

Good to know

  • You can eat an unlimited amount of food. 
  • Drinks are paid (except for water and soda). 
  • A salad and side dish of your choice are provided for free. 
  • In summer, service is faster than in winter. 
  • You cannot reserve a table in advance. 
  • Large campaigns will find it difficult to find free spots. 
  • Full guests in any case have to pay for visiting the restaurant. 

Address: Calle Jade 2, La Zenia Boulevard, second floor, in front of children coaster.