Malaga walking tour

Walking tour

Malaga is Spanish city on the Coast of the Sun. It's one of the favorite destination for travellers in Europe. Malaga is full of cultural sights, museums, restaurants, things to do. All useful tourist info and travel experience. Welcome! 

WHAT'S THE ADDITIONAL? Transport accessibility is excellent. The airport is one of the largest in Spain, 8 km from the center. 

  • It's a bus. Stop terminal T3 (arrival), Route "EXPRESS AIRPORT" of Empresa Municipal Transportes (EMT) line A. Interval 15-20 minutes, passage 3 euros. 
  • Train RENFE Line C1 M.Centro-Alameda Terminal T2 for 1,80 euro. The road will take 20 minutes.  
  • Rented car: two routes MA-20 and MA-21. 
  • Taxi/transfer about 25 euros. >> Economy, bus, business. Here <<

Places to visit in Malaga

We highly recommend to start you visit in Malaga from Mercado Central Atarazanas market. It's authentic place. The stalls are full of delicacies, seafood, ham, and cheeses. They cook national cuisine. Very colorful, one can feel amazing tastes.

Malaga Cathedral
Malaga Cathedral

Catedral Basilica de la Encarnacion in Malaga is the second-highest in the province. The construction began in 1530, on the foundations of a destroyed Muslim mosque, and ended in the 17th century. It absorbed three styles: Baroque, Gothic and Neoclassicism. The common man calls La Manquita "The one-armed lady". The long one that wasn't finished. It is adored, considered the main feature characterizing the leisurely lifestyle of the Andalusians.

Church of Holy Martyrs 

Iglesia Los Santos Mártires Ciriaco y Paula is located in the square of the same name, the facade is laconic. The interior decoration represents the view of the Rococo, handmade altars! This is where Pablo Picasso was baptized!

City Hall and Garden Alonso

Along Cervantes Avenue, the city administration building (Ayuntamiento) is majestically decorated, and just before it, there is a garden named after the first post-war mayor. In 2010, the objects received the status of cultural heritage monuments.

Bullfighting in Andalusia

La Malagueta Stadium

La Malagueta/ Paseo Reding, 8

Andalusia is the birthplace of a Corrida show, La Malagueta holds bloody fights every year during its passionate week. The high-class arena, famous matadorians consider it an honor to perform here.


La Rosaleda - The Home of Malaga Football 

La Rosaleda stadium is waiting for the fans! Team "Malaga" performs in Segunda, is a frequent guest of La League! The owner of the Intertoto Cup (2002). Nicknamed "anchovies". The dawn of the team is in 2000-2013. Nice guys! The colors of the club were defended by many top-notch players of our time: Isco, Demiccellis, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Saviola, Roque Santa Cruz, Rondon, Jérémie Toulalan, Julio Baptista, Joaquin, Santi Cazorla. The principal rival (derby) is Granada, performing in the top division. 

Ideas: scarf, jersey, ball with club attributes - good present for fans of the game.

La Rosaleda Malaga footbal stadium

The main attractions of Malaga

Alcazaba Malaga

The symbols of city

Iconic symbols of Malaga city is Gibralfaro the 14th-century fortress of on an elevation of 142 meters. Translation from Arabic and Greek "lighthouse on the mountain". Redoubt of the Alcazaba defense. Stood about five thousand soldiers.

The path to the top is framed by a pine alley. Overcoming the winding path, the view rushes to the bay, the sea, residential areas, gardens. The fortress is connected by the road "Koracha" with the maze palace Alcazaba - an important sight. It is also called the "little Alhambra". Similar. Bright representative of classical Arabic architecture with courtyards buried in numerous greenery, flowers, and fountains. 

In 1951 at the foot of the Alcazaba was discovered the ancient Roman Amphitheatre (Teatro Romano de Málaga). The building dates back to the 1st century BC. To this day, a stage has been preserved where performances are held to this day.

Roman Theater Malaga

interesting facts

At the theatre, beneath the glass dome, there are bath-like ruins - pay attention to them. Coastal waters, famous for tuna. All because of the peculiarities of migration representative mackerel. In January-February, fleeing from the bloodthirsty orcas, fish as close as possible to the shores of Cartagena and especially Malaga, where the ancient fishermen were waiting. 

Excess prey was allowed in the production of sauce - garum, beloved by the Romans. For this purpose, special stone baths were built near the coast where tons of harvested sauce was fermented under direct sunlight for several months. From below, a transparent liquid, the most valuable sauce, was formed. 

 It was incredibly well respected by the ancient Romans. Just imagine, it was used in almost every dish!

Lifehack: The rectorate of the State University (Av. Cervantes, 2) has the same facilities, but few people know about them, no queues. Look at the device that brought fabulous money to the settlement.

*The best seats:


We recommend stopping by Casa Aranda (Calle Herreria del Rey, 3). A cup of coffee with churros by the traditional recipe.


Wide range of snacks, low prices: 

  • Taperia Siglo XXI (Plaza de la Marced, 12) 
  • El Tapeo de Cervantes (Calle Carcer, 8) 
  • LA TRANCA (Carreteria, 92) 
  • El Carmen Tapas (Plaza de la Merced, 21)


  • Liceo is a club with live music and flamenco shows, a favorite place for foreigners and young 21 Calle Beatas 21 
  • Mirror Malaga and Gallery Club - modern pop music, dancing till morning, theme parties. 
  • In the world of salsa, bachata will take you to the Bar Chiquita Cruz. Plaza de las Flores, 7

What do you want to try:

  • Fried anchovies (delicacy) 
  • Tuna and marble beef steaks 
  • Sandwich of shrimp in spices and beans 
  • Salmohero is a tomato soup with ham. 
  • Paella with black rice Heladeria 
  • Conico ice cream

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Image Description

Black Paella 


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Grilled tuna filet


Heladeria Conico

Heladeria Conico



Malaga museums

Museo Picasso Malaga

Editorial choice 

The following is a list of museums in Malaga with description. Don't miss these interesting galleries from Museo Picasso to Wine stories.

Museo Picasso is one of 6 in the country. Dedicated to the life of an outstanding artist. He is located in the Palace of Buenavista and is closely connected with the artist's residence in Place Merced. Continue your studies of painting at the Museo Carmen Thyssen Gallery. 

Gallery of Glass and Crystal. Study the history of humanity through the transparent material. Private collection, which includes more than 3000 exhibits, is accompanied by paintings, decorative objects, furniture of different eras. (Plazuela Santísimo Cristo Sangre, 2). 

The Arts of Flamenco. Juan Breva's Foam. Admire the charming dance, watch the fascinating show at (Ramón Franquelo, 4). 

Music. Interactive. (MIMMA) Wonderful opportunity to try on the image of a virtuoso by playing piano or violin (Calle Beatas, 15). 

Wine Stories (Plaza Viñeros, 1) 

Contemporary Art Centre Pompidou. Inside a colored cube, various exhibitions have been announced and works by Calaud, Miró, Picasso, Bacon, and others (Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n) are on display.