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Consider a day trip to Guadalest from the Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja. Coordinates: 38.675639, -0.198761 

The distance to the final destination is:130 -145 kilometers, depending on the choice of motorway. Options: toll road - AP-7, or N-332 - a good alternative to the usual roadway along the coast. The second way is to increase traffic and speed limits. The benchmark is Benidorm. In its vicinity, it is necessary to change the autobahn on the highway CS-70 - This is the last stage of our journey, which will be held in the mountainous terrain. There are numerous picnic and viewpoint stops on the roadside, and a large parking lot awaits us upstairs. Cost: 2€

* Interesting fact for sports fans. In autumn 2019, this section of the road will host the initial stage of the cycling day - La Vuelta. Plan your visit.

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What to do in Guadalest

El Castell de Guadalest


To-do list in Valle de Guadalest combines active recreation and cultural tourism. It one of the most popular locations in the Valencian community. The history of this region goes back to the 11th century and is rich in various events: wars, changes of rulers, fires, earthquakes - all this affected the general condition of the municipality. Since then, only the remains of the fortress walls that protected Guadalest Castle have survived. Fundamental changes took place in the middle of the twentieth century, including the opening of museums and the reconstruction of the most important buildings. 

Travel note: in 2016, Guadaleste was included in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world! As they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times! 

Guadalest has the unofficial status of a museum city, as there are ten of them. The price for a visit varies from 2 to 5 euros per person, and some can be visited for free (the fee for the passage remains at the discretion of the visitor). One of the main attractions is concerning Ordun. The family house of local nobility, which is famous for its art gallery and antique interior. At the entrance of the mansion, there are detailed multilingual information brochures - this is a "wand-revenue" for travelers from other countries. Children will be curious to visit the exhibitions of Christmas figures and miniature houses that work nearby. 

Half-destroyed redoubt of San Jose is located on the very top, and the climb to it has a classic, for the Middle Ages, spiral shape. Thanks to this, you can view the valley from different angles. Unspeakable emotions! There is also a cemetery with tombs and crypts on the territory of the fortress. 

Please note: several guidebooks inform you about the availability of e car’s museum within walking distance. This is a mistake! Garage Vehicles Collection - with collection of retro bikes is located outside the settlement, 6 km on the highway CV-755. 

Walking in neighborhoods won't take much time, about two hours - without a break for lunch. You can continue your tour of Guadalest and explore the trekking routes. 

For guests and tourists of all levels, you can choose the shortened routes to the reservoir, along La Era Street. Here you can take amazing pictures! See below. For professionals and advanced users, there are two hiking trails of 16 and 13 km each. We recommend to take climate clothing and comfortable shoes with you.

Embalse Guadalest lake pictures


Lake Guadalest (Spain). Water tank with volume: 13 gm³ Swimming is not prohibited here but is not recommended because of its depth, about 75 meters. Besides, there are no beaches and rescue services here. Over the last couple of years, several people have drowned in this reservoir.

Embalse Guadalest lake photo images


In Lake Guadalest, you can go fishing. Carp and black perch are the most common species. A fishing license is required. You can rent a kayak or canoe near the coast, as well as take a ride on an eco-boat for 6 euros.