Cartagena (Spain)

Cartagena sea

How to get there

Cartagena is a Spanish city was founded in 227 BC (also know as New Carthage). This strategic location surrounded by mountains and with access to the sea did not remain without attention from the Finnian commanders. To avoid such a " height” would have been an impermissible luxury in those days. 

Today, this port is considered the key in the country, and its name speaks for itself Puerto Commercial. 

Consider three different ways to get to Cartagena?  

The first assumes the presence of your car. You can read about renting a car at Alicante airport here. So, we have two autobahns available. The AP-7 toll highway and the N-332 regular highway, along the coast, which connects the cities of Torrevieja and Cartagena. Travel time will be 45-55 min.

The second option is to use public transport. In the region of La Zenia stop is on la Playa opposite "Deutsche Bank". A ticket for the "Costa Azul" bus company will cost 2.75 euros per person. Direction: Destino Orihuela. In the end, we change the wheels on the rails and go to the station Murcia Del Carmen (line C1) by train. But that's not all. In the capital of the region, transfer to the "Alvia" train, destination: Cartagena. Plus an hour and you in place! 

The third is the old and proven method of "calling " a taxi

Best things to See in Cartagena with photos

Historic center of Cartagena include a set things to see: monuments, palaces, buildings. Get to know the most visited tourist places of the city with our photo gallery    

Places to visit in Cartagena

Monument whale tail Caratagena

Where is better to start

What places to visit in Cartagena and where is better to start walking tour? Los Mateos is the starting point for a hiking trail. The railway station is located here and one of the above-mentioned roads ends. For us, everything is just beginning!

While we have not gone far in our story, it is necessary to share a little trick of life for caravanners. Spain is more famous than anyone for its narrow streets and lack of parking spaces on them. Free parking in the city of Cartagena awaits you at the Lidl shop ( in the Plaza Mejico). Use! 

Walking through the neighborhoods, the abundance of archaeological works catches the eye. This is because the main attraction of the city of Cartagena – the Roman amphitheater