Walking tour 

Granada is the eastern part of Andalusia, homeland of Alhambra, the tomb of the first kings of the united Spain. The city attracts tourists with the opportunity to see palaces, cathedrals, sights from the great architects. We made a guidebook and noted the most interesting places to visit.    

The route of Alicante - Torrevieja - Granada begins here! About the subtleties of car renting at the airport, read here. Objectively, it is hard without a car, and it is cheaper if you are actively moving by public transport. 

The start is given. From Valencia to Andalusia. The distance is 370 km. Time is 4-5 hours. Half a tank of gasoline at a budget car - 40 euros, one way. To compare: bus or train "Alsa" will cost 25 € per person. Honestly? Panoramas justify these expenses! Once again you catch yourself thinking how multifaceted the country can be! 

At the entrance to the destination, the stunning outlines of the Sierra Nevada National Park open up, and the photos are attached.

Where to start around Granada

Where is better to stay

So, we will start a walking tour in Granada from the Sidin district, is a good choice for overnight stays. Convenient interchanges, parking lots, department stores and downtown - fifteen minutes on foot. What else do you need? I don't want to let go of the shopping question. Quite often one asks: what to bring from Granada? Olive oil, local beer Alhambra, liqueur - "43", sherry "Argueso" Manzanilla, as an option. We recommend a walk through the list in two-story Mercado (Avenue Aussières del Darro, 98).

The first emotions from the stay threaten to create a "traffic jam" in the text. A set of positive epithets! Ancient city at the foot of the mountains with rich historical background, mixed architecture, mysticism, fog, guitar shops, pomegranates. There is a desire to look at this beauty from a bird's eye view! 

The Church of San Jose de Calasanz in Granada

Joseph of Kalasan is a Catholic saint and teacher. His achievements include the abolition of corporal punishment in schools and the organization of the educational process. He is a pioneer and a man of peace. Francisco Goya dedicated the painting "The Last Communion" to him. 

Pomegranate in the architecture of Granada, Spain

Granada is a pomegranate in Spanish. The word comes from Latin granatus, "with grains", and the tree is Punica granatum L. At the same time, the original Arabic name of Garnata settlement (it is believed that it means "hill of strangers")

Iglesia de la Virgen Las Angustias Granada

Iglesia de la Virgen Las Angustias was built in 1617 in Baroque style. The facade of the building is surrounded by two towers with conical peaks. In front, above the gate, "Piedad" is the famous work of father and son Bernando and Hose De Mora. Interior decoration is truly impressive!

Granada Cathedral

In 1492, the Granada Emirate fell, which was replaced by the Christian world, where La Catedral - the symbol of a bright future. The project was created by the greatest architects - Diego De Siloe, Alonso Cano, Juan de Orea, El Greco, and Jusepe de Ribera. The foundation was laid in 1523.

Viewpoints over Alhambra

Getting High in Granada

The viewpoints over the Alhambra are marked on the Google map as "Mirador" by Los Carvajales - the nearest, with the best view of the palace, San Nicolas - the hard four with the plus, Silla del Moro - hard-to-reach. 

Viewpoint on the surroundings - Torreon (reference point of the University of Granada: Facultad de Farmacia). A cheerful gait of students rounds the educational institution and ascends the path to the hills. We are glad that the passes are not checked and that access is open to everyone. 

Mirador Toreon is a place not prepared for the public. Uninhabited. It is neither clean nor dirty. It is simply abandoned. We offer to plunge into the atmosphere of that evening and meet the sunset.

Where to eat and drink in Granada

Traditional cuisine of Andalusia

As for the places where to eat and drink in Granada. Duty hacks for restaurants here. It turns out that when ordering a bottle of inexpensive wine, guests are served tapas - a light snack. 

Unfortunately, not all establishments follow a good tradition. Avoid cafes with ethnic cuisine (Asian, Indian, etc.), with tempting offers and varied menus: from curry chicken to paeias. There's no use waiting for tasty compliments from the chef. Trust the natives and pay attention to the landing! So, several bars on the Bib Ramblas Plaza are a famous food court, have not passed the test of "generosity". 

In general, the portion sizes are comparable with the mainland. All fresh and perfectly cooked! 

Traditional Andalusian dishes

  • Remojon - finely chopped orange salad. Citrus lovers will like it. 
  • Ajoblanco - cold almond-garlic soup with fruit inclusions. 
  • Salmorejo Cordobes - tomato puree soup, with pieces of ham. 
  • Flamenquin is hotter. Meat rolls in breading with cheese and chorizo. On a side dish - fries, in addition. 
  • Ajo Harina - potato stew with cod and herbs. In some interpretations, it is cooked with bacon, not fish. 
  • Serranito is a classic snack for sports fans. Ingredients of the sandwich: white bread, sausages, fried fillets, vegetables, aioli sauce.

Interesting places:

"Bodega La Mancha" - the winery restaurant in the heart of Granada opened its doors in 1958. Exteriors made of aged wood will not leave indifferent even a severe skeptic. Here they treat you with red wines from the fertile plantations of Humilia, and under the ceiling, they cure pork ham. Me gusto!

"Beer spa" - barley and hop baths, available at Calle Parraga 9. 60 € for diving into a 50-liter oak barrel and tasting an imported drink. Excellent offer, no matter how you spin! Have you ever seen such a thing before? They say it restores body and mind

Alhambra: Visitor Tips

Eighth new Wonder of the World

How to visit the Alhambra palace in Granada almost for free? Tips and recommendations before booking tickets. 

Alhambra (XI AD) is erected on the ruins of the citadel - Ilbira. A high hill with a view of the valley, surrounded by natural obstacles - isn't it a dream for a military commander! 

The purpose of further development of the territory was to build its autonomy, in the Arab republics - medina. Such a quarter includes a mosque, a forest park area for walks, baths, and fonts. The palace and the mini-city behind fortress fence. Magnificent! 

After millennia, the castle ceased to be a stronghold of emirs and kings and needs in protection against... tourists. The flow of those wishing to see 8 miracles of the world is enormous, and the walls are so fragile that UNESCO has imposed several restrictions. Getting inside is difficult, but still possible. We tell you how:

Buy tunnels in advance. 70% of tickets at the entrance, you will not be offered. Neither money nor charm will work here. Groups of thirty are formed in advance. 

Unusual things to do in Granada


What to do with a few days in Granada. Unusual things to spend your free time productively. Ideas for travellers:

Square Isabel La Catolica Granada


The square of Isabelle I of Castile whose credo was the religious struggle against strangers and the strengthening of faith. The monument depicts the moment of signing the treatise for the expedition of Christopher Columbus. We know how the search for other lands ended. The chronicle says that the lady of power personally sponsored the voyage by donating a collection of precious stones.

Technopark Granada


Visit the Technopark in Granada (Parque de las Ciencias), an interactive science museum. Everybody will love it, especially if you are with children.

Stadium Los Carmenes Granada


FC Granada takes part in matches of the elite division - La Liga. Home games "Nasridy" (nickname of the team) are held at the compact stadium Nuevo Los Carmenes / Estadio Nuevo Carmenes, capacity - 23 thousand people. 

A couple of years ago, El Grano's results were disappointing. The team with enviable regularity "polished" the bottom of the standings, or sank into Segunda (second div.). Fans' discontent was rising, which partly led to a rotation of the owners. Thus, by the end of 2016, the Chinese billionaire Jian Lijiang became the boss. His investments and competent management contributed to the team's return to the example. In the current tournament, the red and blue no longer look like underdogs, and coach Diego Martínez Penas has set up a combinational and well-functioning game. The goal is international cups. Real, Barcelona (2:0), Atletico Madrid, Valencia, and other giants will come to conquer Estadio Carmens this year. Ticket prices depend on the status of the opponent. You can buy them on the official website (a week before the event) or at the arena ticket offices. Beware of dealers.

Горнолыжный курорт Прадольяно Сьерра-Невада


The ski resort of Pradollano (Sierra Nevada) is located 42 km along the A-395 highway, in the foothills of Pico Veleta. There are exceptional conditions for rent and accommodation - chairlifts, rope tow lifts, snow cannons, snowcats. Weather is a fairy tale! The highest point of the descent is 3350 meters. Wide assortment of tracks for beginners and professionals, and sky map confuses with abundance and paints (from green to black) It is difficult to remember! 

Super Sulayr is a detached snowboard park with the largest in Spain half-pipe trumpet (ramp 165 m. in length), jibbing modules, curb-cross, virgin. Everything is relevant, with claims to go on the best snow park in Europe. 

Little tricks of life, which will help to save money: to book a season ticket during the pre-sale period will be more profitable by 100 €.

El Chorro


El Chorro Gorge (El Caminito del Rey) - attractive landscapes on the verge of life and death. We were not afraid and went! Our review and gallery.



Flamenco. This passionate old gypsy dance was born in Andalusia. The real performance can be seen in the district of Albaysin and Sacromonte - here live the forefathers of movements.