The King’s Path in Spain

El Caminito del Rey - Spanish “King’s Path” is located in the province of Malaga in a unique village El ChorroAnd there are several reasons for it, let's describe them one by one. 

It is difficult to give a single explanation why it became the main centre of attraction for thousands of travellers. I wonder, what will be the key reason for your visit Spanish gorge El Chorro? A huge limestone canyon, picturesque cliffs, lush vegetation, pine trees, incredibly clean air, turquoise lagoons could drive you crazy and intoxicate your mind. 

In the twentieth century, Mountain Rivers served as a base for the creation of reservoirs and, as a consequence, it resulted in the construction of two hydroelectric power stations at the beginning and end of the gorge. For the convenience of the workers of the hydroelectric station, in 1905 a special track was built, made of concrete driven into the rock. In the current view, it was a single-level scaffolding along the cliffs, reinforced by meter wooden poles. Unfortunately, they were not used for the intended purpose for a long time. In contrast, this was a typical case of negligence: the work was commissioned but the installers of the construction left the place without disassembling the auxiliary structures, which became a magnet for the extreme thrill seekers. Risk lovers, indeed, managed to get there, despite the displayed warning signs: the construction is unstable, the entrance is forbidden, or even the elementary no way sign. 

How to get to El Chorro 

Consider different ways how to get to El Chorro. By car. From Malaga, take the A-357 (65 km.) From Granada, on the A-92 highway (140 km.)

  • Following geolocation: 36.911482, -4.762212. Let's go! 

You can either leave your car in a free parking zone or pay 2 euros and park it in the secured place. 

Another option is to get there by train: You can get there from Granada to El Chorro, with a change of train in Bobadilla: train 13062 Granada - Bobadilla- El Chorro (3 hours). 

However, it is more convenient to arrive from Malaga .Take the Malaga El Chorro train 13903 and get off after 40-minutes journey at the El Chorro train station.

From the train station you can take a bus, which runs every 30 minutes, costs 1.55 € and will take you to the secured parking zone, mentioned above. Following the signs (it tells you to proceed 1,5 km to the entrance), we dive into a dark narrow tunnel cut into a block of stone and walk towards the light. After a short walk, you reach the entrance to the park.

All admissions must be strictly on time to avoid human congestion and even up the endless stream of visitors. First, you are given safety rules, as well as a helmet to start the journey. Then, all you need to do is to enjoy breath-taking views! Have a nice trip!

Tips for visiting El Caminito Del Rey


Tips for visiting El Chorro regional park in Spain: 

  • Wear comfortable shoes 
  • In the middle of the hiking trail, there is the perfect resting place with benches. You are welcome to have a rest and have a bite to eat in this beautiful scenery 
  • The only bathroom is located by the entrance 
  • At the end of the trail, in front of the railway station, there is a restaurant that serves the local culinary delight - goat meat. Yummy! 
  • If you forget to bring a printed receipt with you, it’s enough to tell the administrator the reservation number or the name of the person who made the booking. They will let you in. 
  • Remember, children under the age of 8 years old are not allowed! 

El Caminito del Rey is not the only fascinating attraction in the area. If you could extend your stay and spend more than a day in the area, there are a couple of hotels, budget hostels or camping places nearby. There are many reasons to stay there for longer and get an opportunity to explore El Chorro lakes and some of over a thousand of climbing routes. The climbers are eager to visit the area, due to a large number of routes of varying difficulty, from simple to difficult. Experienced climbers are constantly discovering new routes and, if you enjoy climbing, you will not be disappointed. 

Lakes are an integral part of this landscape, among them, Conde de Guadalhorce is worth noting. An ornate path is laid around the reservoir, with alternating descents to tiny bays where you can swim, rent a boat or go fishing. If you are feeling tired, consider dining in local taverns, or simply have a cup of coffee and dessert, while enjoying beautiful views


Images of El Chorro

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