Car rental at Alicante airport  
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 4300 € (for all the time)

Car hire at Alicante airport

Сar hire at alc-elx airport


Car leasing at Alicante airport is much cheaper than in other places, like in a city or railway stations.

Using aggregator sites

Using aggregator


Using aggregator sites makes price monitoring much more supplier for a required period of time. Economybooking, Discover Car Hire (discount - 25%), Vehicle rent, and others will help optimize your search and additionally save money.

Rent duration

rent duration


Terms that last 7, 14, 21, 28 days are cheaper than all the other terms.

Opening hours car rental companies at Alicante airport

Opening hours


The delivery and acceptance time should be chosen by you during the company’s working hours. This trick will save you the euro.

Holidays sales



On the big holidays, there are some discounts. Subscribe to newsletters from different agencies.

Use promo codes from rental companies at Alicante

Use promo codes


Pretty often big European leasing agencies arrange some promotions in order to attract new customers. You can find such offers on specialized sites and on the Internet in general.  - 10- 15% of the tariff. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Gas policy

Gas policy


The full-full option of fuel policy is in the end always cheaper than full-empty. Keep this fact in mind, it’s very important!



Online car booking or booking in advance is always more beneficially than leasing a car right on-site at the office or at the counter.


It might seem strange, but the “Children” suit of services (car seat) is often several times more expensive than the car seat itself in the closest supermarket.

Car hire at Alicante airport: step-by-step


How to rent a car at Alicante airport, find the special offers and best prices. Step-by-step instruction. The biggest rental agencies have their own branches inside the airport terminal building on the ground floor in the arrival lounge. If you have booked a car in advance and already have a voucher with you, go to a particular representative/office, if you don’t, choose on-site. In order to lease a car on the territory of Spain, you will need a passport, a driver's license, and a credit card. All rental options make provisions for blocking a deposit on a credit card in case if you preferred not to purchase full insurance coverage from a leasing agency (supercover prices start at 30 euros per day).

After completion of documents and the contract, you will receive keys with the pointing out of the exact location in the parking lot which situated opposite the airport terminal building. You can easily find the way to the parking lot using the passage that is situated on the second floor on the right side of the airport terminal building. In front of the elevator, you will find a sing, because each floor is given to a particular car leaser. You should necessarily check the car and point out all damages and scratches in the checklist. It’s very important! 

After signing the reconciliation statement, you can start your trip and enjoy the freedom of travel by car! At the end of the specified leasing period, return the car to the same parking lot!