Life hacks for tourists in Spain. Looking around at the "life advice" of respected guides, the question arises...Do you think this is the only thing you can do when you've traveled to/from the country? Well, common! Really? "Keep your pockets closed", "don't wear expensive equipment around your neck" - it's in the era of smartphones, smart gadgets, contactless payments, other innovations... 

Lifehack - small tricks that will help, quickly resolve the situation, save time and money. An article about this, not about safety in resort areas. 


Taxi Bolt Madrid


Not allowed to drive a vehicle? Contact the European taxi service "Bolt". Available in App Store & Google Play (iOS / Android platform, respectively). Installation of the application is rewarded with a gift trip + several with a significant discount. Invite your friends, get promo codes for free movement around Spain.

Spain by train: good to know

Train Ticket Discounts

That's when you know more, you can sleep soundly. So, what kind of "bonuses" can you get when buying a ticket online through the RENFE website?

No Commission

In cash registers - 5.5%, stalls - 3.5% - "will be glued" to the final check. As they say later: "Where did it come from?  Salary of the operating staff

Every day schedule

More than 30 trains per day to popular destinations. Pay attention to the duration of the sequence. The longer you go, the cheaper the ticket. Trite, but the discount ~ 50%


The classic story about not the most convenient departure and arrival hours is 6 AM / 11:50 PM. Save on personal comfort from 10 to 50 €

Special Offers

Travelers under 14 - 40% One-time payment of four seats in the compartment is  - 60% discount!
Renfe Trains Spain

Buses in Spain: Offers


Alsa Tickets Promo Codes

Using the webpage of Alsa, you can count on several privileges: - 40% of the round-trip rate is for groups of 4 people - 30%, - 40% - for young people (12 to 25). Besides, there are advertising offers on the Internet to stimulate sales. It is not difficult to find secret codes, company name + word - promo code 

Municipal Transportation 

Plana, Avm, Costa Azul

Municipal Buses in Spain

Virtually every Spanish province has its fleet of cars. In Catalonia - Plana, Valencia - AVM, Costa Azul runs along the Costa Blanca. If you plan to move actively between cities, study the system of travel passes in advance. This will save more than one Euro. BSCs are sold for different terms.              

Cheap flights tickets to spain


Cheap flights tickets to Spain

Lowcosters  in Spain are the best option! Here is an example of October booking: flight Alicante - Madrid, November 7, 2019. - 11 euro + hand luggage. But that is not the least You could've hoped for...You can fly away for a ridiculous amount starting from 5 €. Cheap tickets are waiting for you at the link 

Alcampo store in Spain

Tricks for shopping in Spain

Alcampo - is a subsidiary of the French network Auchan.  

Stand with goods for 1 euro. Olives, cheese, ham, fuets, semi-finished products, sun-dried tomatoes, wine - the list can be continued indefinitely, but it is better to look at the assortment yourself - 

What do you think of that? Legendary American Tourister suitcases - 49 € (other retailers have 90-100). 

By the way, if you buy more than 30 €, you are entitled to a coupon to buy fuel from a partner gas station. 

We ordered favorite delicacies from restaurants at a discount.  

Deliveroo, Just eat, Glovo, Uber Eats - delivery services in Spain. 

Download the above programs on the phone and be sure to subscribe to the info-mailing (on the e-mail will come cherished promotional offers). Further, business for small - to choose a dish from the menu and to specify the address of delivery. No calls, fully automated process with cashless payment. The courier will arrive within 45 minutes.  

We get discounts from major online stores: El Corte Ingles, Asos, Nike, Carrefour, H&M, Hawkers, Venca 

  • Go to the website of the sports newspaper "Marca" 
  • then go down to the bottom of the page and find the menu tab - "Descuentos". 
  • The catalog lists the current promo campaigns from the market leaders in online sales 

Spanish Outlets

are divided into three categories - urban, tourist and local. The first is El Corte Inglés, which is located in a residential area to stop the main streets. 

The second, filled with luxury brands (Armani, Prada, Valentino), are located near the key interchanges, they are easily accessible from the airport. 

Third, The Style Outlets, in most cases, work in the suburbs. Search nearby: Las Rozas, S.S. de Los Reyes, Viladecans 


The key to a cheap holiday in Spain  is a well-planned route. We offer a useful selection of tour-tools, which will help not to leave "empty-handedly". 

  • is a local couponer with excellent leisure and entertainment ideas. Spend an evening in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium lounge bar with a great view of the football arena, 11 € with two people (regular price 22 €). Visit the FC Barcelona Hall of Fame, the sworn rivals of the Royal Club (1,95 €). Relax and plunge into the beer barrel at the Beer Spa or tickle your nerves and touch the clouds while flying on a paraglider. Flamenco, various tastings, boat trips, much more. Vamos! 

  • Specialized cards for tourists - it is an opportunity to embrace the immense, to see maximum attractions, paying half, three times less. Experience of Granada - 43 € for 19 objects of cultural heritage (2, 26 - sinking, instead of the standard 5-10 €) besides solved the problem with a transport.