Mutua Madrid and Sabadell Barcelona Open - main Spanish tennis tournaments. Atypical tourism of two capitals. Putting the sights aside and enjoying the royal sport.

The Madrid workshop category - 1000 (one thousand rating points to the winner) and the total prize fund of 5 million dollars for women, 7 - for men. 

Annual dates: May weekend (1-10 days).  

Dirt courts are dotted with world stars - Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Simone Halep, Karo Wozniacki, Sloan Stevens; the Williams sisters have been ignoring slow coverings for the last couple of years - here without them...  

The main matches start from the stage 1/16 of the finals, here the main favorites of the competition come into battle. The games are held on two sites - central them. Manolo Santana, arena number 2 - named after Arantxa Sanchez Vicario- 14 - multiple winner of the Grand Slam cups.  

The ticketing program includes subscriptions: "full" - 625 €, "fan" - 91 € - weekend pass; 57 € - one-time visit will be required. 

Please note: the schedule is divided into two parts - day/night. Often, meetings, top players are set in the evening.  

Official website:  Address: Camino de Perales, 23. Guideline: Forums Gym

- the oldest tennis championship in Spain. The first game was played in 1899.   

The absolute record holder by the number of titles is R. Nadal - 11 times he was honored by a native of Manacor. Rafael's participation in the tournament, there is no doubt about it. Perhaps - this is a tribute to his uncle, Miguel Angel - who played for the local football club and spent 8 seasons in blue-pomegranate uniform.  

The regulars of the Catalan courts - ex-advertising face of "Calvin Klein" Fernando Verdasco, David Ferrer, Japanese Kei Nikishori, Austrian Dominique Tim, in other words, the leading dirt representatives of the men's ATP tour. There's someone to keep an eye on.  

Winning the championship is estimated at 500 points, and the budget is $2,700,000. But to get the check, the triumphant has to go through the water and dive into the pool for the company of volunteers serving the event. Interesting Challenge invented by the organizers.  

You can watch the holiday of life in late April, from 17 to 28.04.   

Reserve entrance documents - 

Prices for the stands: from 25 €. Location: 5 - 1 Bosch i Gimpera St.